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January 24, 2018
Category: Dentist

Dental fillings are used to strengthen and seal teeth that have developed a cavity due to infection and decay. After the dentist removes the fillingsinfected area inside the tooth, an empty cavity remains. After being thoroughly cleaned, that empty space is filled in with a dental filling to strengthen the tooth and prevent further infection of that area. There are several signs a tooth is infected and may need a filling. If you develop any of the signs, see a dentist as soon as possible. Dr. Gerald Ryan is your Swartz Creek, MI, dentist for fillings.

Signs You Need a Filling

There are several signs you may need a filling. If you develop any of these signs, see your Swartz Creek, MI, dentist as soon as possible. Seeking dental treatment right away will help prevent infection and decay from spreading to other teeth. Sings you may need a filling include toothaches, sharp pain, dark spots, holes, or sensitivity. These are all potential signs you have developed a cavity and need a filling.

A persistent toothache is an indication your tooth has been compromised by infection or decay, as is sharp pain when biting or chewing food. Sensitivity in a particular tooth or area of the mouth is another indication you might have a cavity and need a filling. Toothaches, sharp pain, and sensitivity can all develop when the tooth is weakened by decay. Finally, developing dark spots or holes in a tooth are signs of a possible cavity. Spots and holes can develop as decay eats away at the tooth.

When to Replace Fillings

Even if you have not developed any new areas of decay, you might still need a filling if an old one needs to be replaced. Dental fillings are quite durable and can last for years, but they can wear down over time. Your Swartz Creek, MI, dentist can examine your existing fillings and advise you if any need to be replaced. Signs you need to replace existing dental fillings include the filling coming loose, falling out, being worn down, or getting cracked. Developing pain or soreness in the filled tooth can also mean the filling needs to be replaced.

There are several signs you may need a new filling or possibly need to replace an old one. If you have any of the signs you may need a filling, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan, your Swartz Creek, MI, dentist, by calling the office at (810) 635-8446.